Oyaizu Seicha is a green tea manufacturing company located in Shizuoka Prefecture, Japan.

Our main source of green tea leaves comes from the Honyama and Kawane area of Shizuoka.
We process the leaves and bag them in our factory, and sell them to our customers.
As we strive to provide the best taste possible of any green tea, most of our green tea leaves are deep steamed which removes the bitterness of the leaves and brings out a sweet and creamy taste.

Our motto is 。 To provide GOOD TASTE and HEALTH for you.。 sharing with as many people as possible the best quality of green tea.

We have made a lot of effort to manufacture and distribute our products efficiently based on our motto since we were founded in 1951.
As a result, we are now a leading green tea manufacturing company in Shizuoka Prefecture which is the largest producer of green tea in Japan.
We are trying to extend our market as well as create a variety of green tea products.

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▲2009年2~3月、NHKワールド/jib-tv より全世界に発信された
農林水産省制作の日本食材情報番組『Delicious NIPPON』。
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